Need to Sell Your Home for Less than you owe the bank or need to stop Foreclosure?

We have developed an effective plan to help struggling homeowners to sell their burdensome property for less than they owe the bank (short sale).  This allows home owners to avoid foreclosure and the associated damage to their credit rating.  The ”short sale” process requires a high level of technical sophistication that many agencies lack, however we at the Lawrence Walsh Group have perfected it.

If the bank has already started foreclosure and you need to sell your property fast, our exclusive QUICK SALE PLAN® can help!  Whether you need to settle-an-estate, divorce, moving or need cash fast, we have investors standing-by ready to buy homes in any condition.

No need for repairs, they buy houses “as-is”.  If you can’t take everything with you, no problem leave it behind.  Whether you need to close in two weeks or two months, they’re ready.


Settle an Estate


Burnt Out Landlords

Ugly Poor Condition House

Pay Off Bills to Save Credit Rating

Vacant House

Need to Move Quickly

We specialize in helping people in your situation sell their house quickly and painlessly.

Don’t let your home go to auction!  Many people facing foreclosure simply do nothing and hope for a miracle to happen.  The best thing you can do is be proactive and act fast.  Whether it’s refinance, cash loans, delaying foreclosure or selling your home for cash, we can help you!

Don’t have the Time or Patience to list your house the regular way?

We work with property owners who need to sell and just can’t wait months or more to market and sell their house. Sometimes the cost to repair and/or renovate your house is too costly, or maybe you don’t want hundreds of strangers walking through your house each month. Others have circumstances that don’t allow them to wait for an approved buyer.

Whatever your circumstance;

You’ll find that selling your house can be a lot easier than you may have originally thought when using the Lawrence Walsh Group. We pride ourselves in our ability to help everyday people solve just about any real estate issue.

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